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   Did you know: Americans eat over 10 billion donuts every year. The population of the United States is a little over 300,000,000 people as of 2009 so that's about 33 donuts for every man, woman, and child. If a donut is given a value of approximately 35 cents each, the donut industry is a $3.5 billion dollar market every year.

   Canada has the most donut shops on the planet at roughly 3300 which serves a population of ~35,000,000 an annual amount of 1 billion donuts. That's about 30 donuts per Canadian every year which is on par with the Americans. 

   In Poland, donuts are called "pączki" and Lithuanians eat "spurgos." The Finns eat "munkki" while Israelis have "sufganyot" as donut equivalents. Travelers to the Caribbean can look forward to snacking on "kurma"  and the Argentinians eat "facturas." Italians call donuts "ciambelli" which is also the word for tires. Many countries have some form of the donut and anywhere that you go in the world, there's local varieties and distinctive styles of donuts to savor!

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1) Which donut should I get when I go to Krispy Kreme?
If you're limited to only purchasing one donut on your visit to KK, we'd recommend the original glazed. It's a consistently flavorful donut that tastes good and contains enough sugar and carbs to keep you on a sugar high for at least 15 minutes. If you're the kind of donut eater who prefers a less sugary donut, we'd recommend the Traditional Cake donut at Krispy Kreme.

2) How many donuts should I eat in one sitting?
If you're in relatively good shape, you can probably eat a total of three donuts at one time. If you're slightly overweight and have love handles, maybe you should only eat two donuts. If your body mass index (BMI) places you in the obese category, how about eating only half of a donut and then handing the other half to a co-worker or to your kids. Kids love donuts. 

3) Do police officers really eat a lot of donuts?
We've heard some anecdotal evidence that points to law enforcement supporting the donut economy of the United States. Donuss however cannot categorically confirm or deny the supposition that police officers eat more than their fair share of America's annual donut production and consequent output.

4) Will Groupon will ever do a Dunkin' Donuts coupon offer in NYC?
   Probably not. Dunkin' stores in NYC are capable of selling most of their daily output to their regular patrons at full price. Running a Dunkin' Donuts Groupon in a major city would probably unhinge the natural order of the universe.

5) Can it be true that Chinese people don't have a donut equivalent?
The donut originated in Europe and it is true that the Chinese do not have their own version of the ring-shaped, fried dough foodstuff that we fondly call a donut. The fried cruller-like "You Tiao" aka "Yow Jah Gwei" which is often eaten with congee is not a donut. Some folks refer to "You Tiao" as the "Chinese Donut" but this shows ignorance and an overbearing need to apply familiar cultural labels to other cultures. The Japanese and Koreans don't have "native" donuts either. In modern times however, donuts have become a part of the Asian snacking regimen.

6) How does Donuss define a "donut snob" and where do they live?
The title of "donut snob" is usually self-proclaimed and it refers to a person who only seeks out the best of the best donuts. However, this is a conundrum because some donut snobs consider Krispy Kreme the best whilst other donut snobs think Dunkin' Donuts is tops. If a donut snob considers a mass merchandise retailer such as Krispy or Dunkin' their favorite, Donuss must question their level of discernment and wonder if they need to expand their donut eating horizons. Donut snobs are normally found in major cities but they have been found in remote parts of the United States. There don't appear to be any donuts snobs located in Wasila, Alaska however.

7) Is it true that Dunkin' Donuts sells more coffee than donuts?
   Yes, it's true. Ironic isn't it? Over 60% of Dunkin' Donuts' annual sales are made from coffee and beverages such as the Coolatta which is a slushy-ish drink and the Dunkaccino. Donuts only account for roughly 10% of Dunkins' annual revenue.

    If you visit the Dunkin' Donuts website (as of August 21, 2010) and click on the "About Us" link, the first sentence reads as follows: "
It's all the delicious details that make Dunkin' Donuts a daily ritual for millions of people. Serving nearly a billion cups of rich and smooth coffee each year, the Dunkin' Difference is in the details." The rest of the "About Us" page is all about coffee and there is no mention of donuts. Dunkin' knows where their bread is buttered and it ain't donuts. What else does Dunkin' sell nowadays? How about bagels, croissants, cookies, soups, salads, and muffins. They've also recently introduced flatbread sandwiches for breakfast and lunch to further diversify their offerings.  

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