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Donut Trivia
» The first Friday in June is "National Donut Day" in the USA. The holiday was started by the Chicago Salvation Army in 1938 to celebrate Salvation Army lassies who volunteered their cooking skills in Europe. One of the foods that they made for the troops was donuts.

» Helen Purviance and Margaret Sheldon served the first Salvation Army donuts in 1917 when they were sent to France and joined the American First Division in the capacity of cooks. Their provisions consisted of eggs, flour, sugar, baking soda which was not enough to make a regular meal so Helen and Margaret decided to make donuts as a treat for the troops and they were called "Doughnut Girls" by the soldiers. The image below is not of a Doughnut Girl but it does show a girl eating a doughnut.

» The Red Cross' version of the "Doughnut Girls" were called the "Doughnut Dollies" and they served donuts to the soldiers and gave them a taste of home during World War II.

» Adolph Levitt invented the doughnut machine in 1920 in New York City. He was a refugee from Russia and his machine allowed the efficient creation of doughnuts to spread across America.

» Legend has it that dunking donuts became a trend when actress Mae Murray accidentally dropped her donut into a cup of coffee while dining at Lindy's Deli on Broadway in New York City.

» Homer Simpson of The Simpsons adores donuts. One of his sayings on the show is,
"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"

» The largest doughnut ever made was an American-style jelly doughnut which weighed 1.7 tons (3739 lbs). The donut measured 4.9m (16") in diameter and 40.6m (16") in height. The donut was made in Utica, New York on January 21, 1993.

» On one of his expeditionary missions, noted donut lover Admiral Richard Byrd, took along 100 barrels of flour which was enough to make two years' worth of donuts.

» According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the original record for most donuts eaten at one sitting is held by a man named John Haight. Mr Haight consumed 52 ounces of donuts (about 26 average donuts) in just over six minutes in 1981.

» John Haight's record was trounced on October 2, 2002 when Eric "Badlands" Booker ate 49 glazed donuts in eight minutes. 

» Stephen Cornell painted donuts with real sugar on top. Cornell's Jam Doughnut III from 2005 is shown below.

» Donuts that are made with potato flour are called "Spudnuts."

» Rhode Islanders love their donuts. The density of donut shops is so thick that there is one shop for every 4,700 residents in the state.

» The size of the average donut hole is 4/5 " in diameter.

»  The Dutch make a snack called an Oliebollen (literal translation: oily ball) which may be compared to a donut but we think it's more similar to a zeppole. They're both fried blobs of dough which are served with powdered sugar on top. An image of Oliebollen being fried may be viewed below:

» Dunkin' Donuts is the largest coffee and baked goods retailer in the world which serves more than 3 million customers every day.

» The largest Dunkin' Donuts shop on the planet is located on Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand which can accommodate 130 guests. There are 150 Dunkin' Donuts shops located in Thailand.

» President Obama apparently prefers Dunkin' Donuts over Krispy Kreme or the supermarket brand.

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